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County Attorney
Rickie R. Redman

Lamb County & District Attorney's Office

100 6th Drive, Room 210
Littlefield, TX  79339
p(806) 485-0049
f(806) 485-0376

Chief of Staff & Victim's Assistance Coordinator 
Lori Zinn

Legal Assistant 
Jennifer McKinnon

The mission of the Lamb County & District Attorney’s Office is to efficiently and fairly prosecute individuals who commit crimes, to protect and educate victims of crime and our community, and to help make Lamb County a safer place to live.   Our solemn purpose is “to see that justice is done.”  

We will do so with humility, mercy, and integrity; always doing the right thing for the right reason. 

We take pride in efficiently, fairly, and passionately pursuing that goal each day.  Our office proudly partners with each local, state, and federal law enforcement agency to keep our communities safe and thriving.

We are committed to achieving justice without regard to status, race, gender, national origin, or prominence—of either the victim(s) of crime, or those who are charged with violating the law.  Every person our Office encounters deserves to be treated with dignity, compassion, and respect.

What do we Do?

  • We are responsible for prosecuting all criminal offenses which occur in Lamb County--from Class C misdemeanors to Capital Felonies and including Juvenile matters.  We are also responsible for representing the State in any appeal from a criminal prosecution.
  • We do not investigate criminal complaints.  We rely on our law enforcement partners to investigate allegations of criminal activity, and present completed cases to us for consideration of charges being filed.  If you are unsure to which agency you should report a crime, we are here to help make the referral.  Emergencies should be reported immediately, by calling 911.
  • By law, we are expected to hold information about cases presented to our office in careful confidence.  We will not (and cannot) release information that is not "public" regarding any past or current prosecution, investigation, etc.
  • We assist local merchants in collecting worthless checks.
  • We provide legal advice to Lamb County and its elected/appointed officials, weighing in on the various legal aspects of governmental obligations.
  • We assist all victims of crime in navigating Texas court systems and obtaining compensation to reimburse victims for out-of-pocket expenses they suffer as a result of violent crime.